Exploring Journalism’s Limits: Enacting and theorising the boundaries of the journalistic field

1 december 2017
30 november 2019
VH 9: Kunst en creatieve industrie
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The field of journalism is undergoing major changes. The challenges are so profound that the question today is how it will survive and what shape it will take. Within academia, there have been a number of calls to radically alter the way we are defining and researching journalism. They provide new ways of conceptualising journalism from a scholarly perspective. What are missing however, are new approaches to study the radical changes from a maker’s perspective. This proposal for embedded research puts forth an approach in which the maker’s perspective is at the centre of the research.

A fundamental question is at stake: If the forms and formats in journalism blur more and more with other information providers in the public domain, then what sets journalism apart, if anything? We aim to provide insight into the challenges that journalists experience, the implications for wider society and the ways in which to research and conceptualise the new forms of journalism. With an enactive research approach (also called participatory or action research), we will participate in the creation of an interdisciplinary team of makers that will reflect, enact and stretch the boundaries of journalism.

The variety of makers, including activists, animators, artists, hackers, web developers and graphic designers as well as journalists will make various types of content (including journalism but also branded content or marketing). In this way, we gain unique insight into the central question: How is the definition and practice of journalism enacted in a multi-disciplinary, multi-form and multi-function environment?


Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)

Tamara Witschge
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