Project: Futures Literacy KnowLabs

VH 02: Onderwijs en talentontwikkeling
van 1 juni 2017 tot 31 mei 2018
The aim of the project is to design, test, refine and deploy a new assessment tool focusing on individual Future Literacy of students. Future Literacy is the ability to produce and process complex visions of the future and make sense thereof. FL is therefore an essential component of any 21st Century Skills set, in the sense that it focuses on the ability of students to prepare themselves for uncertainty and unexpected challenges. At present, the competing concepts of 21st Century Skills have a common denominator in the core idea of fostering personal development of "T-shaped individuals" who have depth in a particular field and breadth in their skill set and thinking. The students' individual ability to "use the future": make sense of emergent reality, deal with complex problems, make decisions based on collective intelligence, plan and prepare for the future, is as important in making educational choices as in taking educated bets concerning their professional, personal and political futures. The project outcome: a new tool for FL assessment will test the feasibility of rigorous measurement, and assessment of FL, to inform better curriculum design and methodological development.


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