RF Collector: Wireless Powering of Internet of Things Devices using Radio Frequency.

1 maart 2018
30 november 2018
VH 4: Slimme technologie en materialen, VH 8: Energie en energievoorziening
Take-off hbo fase 1

Internet of Things (IoT) is tagging low power devices, miniaturized, with machine-readable identification tags, which are integrated with sensors to collect information and wireless technology to connect them with the Internet.
These devices have a very low energy usage. Powering these devices with battery is very labor intensive, costly and tedious especially as number of nodes increases, which is in many applications, is the case.
Hence the main objective of this proposal is to introduce new product called RF Colletor, in the market such that IoT devices function independent of battery. Using the suggested approach the wille be energized using Radio Frequency (RF) energy harvesting. RF Collector wirelessly capture the RF energy that is wasted in space, and re-use it again as the power source for IoT devices and hence making them autonomous of battery. The ability to harvest RF energy enables wireless charging of low-power devices in real time. This has resulting benefits to sustainability, cost reduction, product design, usability, and reliability.


Hogeschool Rotterdam

Mostafa Hajian