SCRIPTS: Smart Cities Responsive Intelligent Public Transport Systems

1 maart 2016
31 december 2019
Volkshuisvesting, Bouw en Ruimtelijke Ordening

Contributing to the development of smart cities/regions, this research program will execute, as a co-production between universities and professional organizations, a series of integrated academic and applied projects that will deliver (1) a novel model system to predict the demand for hybrid public transport systems, involving demand responsive transport services that are flexible in route and schedule and (self-)organized through ICT platforms, (ii) advanced models for the optimal design of such systems and the simulation of their performance, (iii) an evaluation framework addressing institutional and organizational aspects of implementing such innovations, (iv) a series of pilot and showcase that are co-developed with non-academic members of the consortium, and (v) networking with key international academic and professional networks to discuss strategies and solutions. The demand model system will be founded flexible computer-assisted scheduling of activities and associated travel, supported by mobile ICT platforms. The response to such highly flexible demand will be unconventional transport mode chains. Intelligent demand forecasts will serve as input for the models that optimize the design of such systems, based on a simulation of their performance, co-processing individual demand and aggregate organization of supply. Governance and institutional aspects, influencing successful implementation of innovative transport systems and services will be addressed using a game theoretic framework and an adaptive planning approach. The project will develop contours of future demand-driven transport in smart cities/regions, and the key concepts, design principles and decision tools considering the roles and needs of the various stakeholders, considering the trend of a sharing economy.


Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen

Els van der Pool
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