Project: SMILE: Safe Mobility Improving the Life of the Elderly

van 15 augustus 2018 tot 15 februari 2019
More and more aged people are joining the traffic, either using a passenger car or through a special low speed two-seater for in-city use. For elderly people, self-management in staying mobile is an essential part of their quality of life. However, with increased involvement of elderly in traffic, the risk of serious accidents increases, especially in cities. Fortunately, a rapid development of innovative technology is shown in vehicle design, with focus on advanced driver support, herewith referred to as ‘ambient intelligence’. This holds a promise to improve the safety situation, under the condition that adaption to the elderly driver’s need is accounted for. And that is not a straightforward issue, since ‘no size fits all’. With increasing age, we see an increased variety in driving skills with emphasis on cognitive, perceptual and physical limitations. In addition, people may suffer from diseases with a neurological background or other (cardiopulmonary disease, obesity or diabetes).
The partners in this project have expressed the need to survey the feasibility of ‘ambient intelligence’ technology for low-speed vehicles also addressing E-Health functions to bring people safely home or involve medical help in case of health-critical situations. The MAX Mobiel make their vehicle available for that, and will help to guard the elder customer demand. The HAN Automotive Research team carries out the research, in cooperation with the HAN professorship on E-Health. Hence, both the automotive technology part of the HAN University of Applied Sciences as well as expertise from the Health oriented part of the HAN are included, being essential to successfully extend the relevant technologies to a fully integrated elderly driver support system, in the future. Noldus Information Technology is involved on the basis of their knowledge in human monitoring (drive lab) and data synchronization. The St. Maartenskliniek (Nijmegen) brings in their experience with people being restricted in physical or neurological sense.


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