The use of single emitters ultra sound sensors to map solid particles vertical profiles in UAS reactors

1 maart 2018
31 oktober 2018
VH 4: Slimme technologie en materialen

The application of sensors in water technology is a crucial step to provide broader, more effi-cient and more circular systems. Among the different technologies used in this filed, ultra-sound based systems are widely used in water technology, basically to generate energy peaks for cell lyse and particle separation. In this work we propose the adaptation of a (cur-rently used for medical applications) ultra sound ecosystem to monitor the vertical profile of solid particles in UASB reactors. Such information is nowadays obtained via long duration (solids) analysis and can compromises the efficiency of such reactors, especially regarding the sludge stabilization and phase separation. The project is a small part of a big effort done by different countries, e.g. Brazil, UK and The Netherlands, to bring international technology and expertise to improve the quality of waste water systems in Brazil, by supporting tech-nology and knowledge sharing. If proven feasible, the concept can generate a big business market to the involved Dutch (SME) partners as well as favor the automation of WWTP in Brazil and around the world.


NHL Hogeschool

Luewton Agostinho
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Netwerk- en projectleden

  • Extins Technologies
  • Lamp-ion B.V.
  • National Institute of Science and Technology on Sustainable Sewage Treatment Plants