A portable compact device for routine micro-/nanoparticle measurement

Startdatum1 augustus 2023
Einddatum31 juli 2024
RegelingKIEM GoChem 2019-2024
  • Bètatechniek
  • Sleuteltechnologieën - Nanotechnologieën
  • Sleuteltechnologieën - Chemische technologieën
  • Sleuteltechnologieën en duurzame materialen

Size measurement plays an essential role for micro-/nanoparticle characterization and property evaluation. Due to high costs, complex operation or resolution limit, conventional characterization techniques cannot satisfy the growing demand of routine size measurements in various industry sectors and research departments, e.g., pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials and food industry etc. Together with start-up SeeNano and other partners, we will develop a portable compact device to measure particle size based on particle-impact electrochemical sensing technology. The main task in this project is to extend the measurement range for particles with diameters ranging from 20 nm to 20 um and to validate this technology with realistic samples from various application areas. In this project a new electrode chip will be designed and fabricated. It will result in a workable prototype including new UMEs (ultra-micro electrode), showing that particle sizing can be achieved on a compact portable device with full measuring range. Following experimental testing with calibrated particles, a reliable calibration model will be built up for full range measurement. In a further step, samples from partners or potential customers will be tested on the device to evaluate the application feasibility. The results will be validated by high-resolution and mainstream sizing techniques such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM), dynamic light scattering (DLS) and Coulter counter.



Martin Bennink, contactpersoon
Telefoon: 06-23220882


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  • Nanomi B.V.
  • SeeNano Technology B.V.
  • Solstice Pharmaceuticals B.V.
  • University of Twente