Startdatum1 mei 2023
Einddatum30 april 2024
RegelingKIEM GoChem 2019-2024
  • Bètatechniek
  • Energie en Klimaat - Een klimaatneutrale industrie met hergebruik van grondstoffen en producten in 2050
  • Energie en Klimaat - Een duurzaam gedreven, volledig circulaire economie in 2050. Voor 2030 is de doelstelling halvering van het grondstoffengebruik.
  • Sleuteltechnologieën - Geavanceerde Materialen
  • Sleuteltechnologieën - Engineering- en fabricagetechnologieën
  • Gezondheid en Welzijn
  • Sleuteltechnologieën en duurzame materialen

A feeling of worry, anxiety, loneliness and anticipation are commonplace in both medical and non-medical arenas such as elderly care. An innovative solution such as the ‘simple and effective’ comfyhand would offer better patient care and improved care efficiency with a high chance of long-term, economic efficiency.
ComfyHand is a start-up in the healthcare sector that aims to develop sustainable products to improve patient wellbeing in healthcare settings. It does this by emulating the experience of holding a hand which gives the person comfort and support in moments where real human contact is not possible. Right now the comfyhand is in the development phase, working on several prototypes for test trials in elderly care and hospitals. In this project we want to explore the use of 3D printing for producing a comfyhand. Desired properties for the prototype include optimal heat transfer, softness, regulation of sweat, durability and sustainability. The goal of this study is to develop a prototype to test in a trial with patients within Envida, a care centre.
The trial itself is out of scope of this project. This proposal focuses on researching the material of choice and the processability. Building on knowledge gained in a previous Kiem GoChem project and a Use Case (Shape3Dup) of a currently running Raak MKB project (Enlighten) on 3D printing of breast prostheses, several materials, designs and printing parameters will be tested.


Zuyd Hogeschool

Tosca (Catharina) van Hooy-Corstjens, contactpersoon
Telefoon: 045-4006789


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