Data Driven Design: Ship Engineering Application D³:SEA

Startdatum1 mei 2024
Einddatum17 februari 2028
RegelingFinanciering PD-kandidaten 2023-2027

The maritime transport industry is facing a series of challenges due to the
phasing out of fossil fuels and the challenges from decarbonization. The proposal of proper alternatives is not a straightforward process. While the current generation of ship design software offers results, there is a clear missed potential in new software technologies like machine learning and data science.
This leads to the question: how can we use modern computational technologies like data analysis and machine learning to enhance the ship design process, considering the tools
from the wider industry and the industry’s readiness to embrace new technologies and solutions?
The obbjective of this PD project is to bridge the critical gap between the maritime industry's pressing need for innovative solutions for a more agile Ship Design Process; and the current limitations in software tools and methodologies available via the implementation into Ship Design specific software of the new generation of computational technologies available, as big data science and machine learning.


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