Enhancing the functionality of recycled calcium carbonate (ENCHANT)

Startdatum15 mei 2023
Einddatum14 mei 2024
RegelingKIEM GoChem 2019-2024
  • B├Ętatechniek
  • Energie en Klimaat - Een klimaatneutrale industrie met hergebruik van grondstoffen en producten in 2050
  • Energie en Klimaat - Een duurzaam gedreven, volledig circulaire economie in 2050. Voor 2030 is de doelstelling halvering van het grondstoffengebruik.
  • Energietransitie en duurzaamheid
  • Sleuteltechnologie├źn en duurzame materialen

The ENCHANT project aims to clarify the differences between circular Calcium Carbonate (CCC) and grounded Calcium Carbonate (GCC), in order to expand the applications of the circular alternative CCC in the paint and coating industry. CCC is produced by pyrolysis from paper waste in an innovative process developed by the company Alucha Works B.V., and it can be applied again as filler or binder in consumer products (e.g. plastics, rubbers, paints and coatings) in a cost-effective manner. Products containing CCC have a higher content of circular resources, which minimizes their carbon footprint, and reduces the exploitation of primary resources. Performances of CCC in oil-based paints, however, is not optimal, due to a larger oil adsorption as compared to GCC. A physical and chemical characterization of CCC and GCC samples, including competitive oil-water adsorption measurements, would help Alucha to formulate a solution to match the properties of CCC and GCC, either adjusting the recycling process or applying a surface modification treatment to CCC. This would enable Alucha to expand the market for CCC, making oil-based formulation products more circular.


Universiteit van Amsterdam

Stefania Grecea, contactpersoon
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