KGO-KIT – Establishing the information base for a commercial biocatalysis kit containing α-ketoglutarate-dependent oxygenases

Startdatum1 november 2022
Einddatum31 oktober 2023
RegelingKIEM GoChem 2019-2024
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  • Sleuteltechnologieën - Chemische technologieën
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In the context of sustainability, the use of biocatalysis in organic synthesis is increasingly observed as an essential tool towards a modern and ‘green’ chemical industry. However, the lack of a diverse set of commercially available enzymes with a broad selectivity toward industrially-relevant substrates keeps hampering the widespread implementation of biocatalysis. Aminoverse B.V. aims to contribute to this challenge by developing enzymatic screening kits and identifying novel enzyme families with significant potential for biocatalysis.
One of the most important, yet notoriously challenging reaction in organic synthesis is site-selective functionalization (e.g. hydroxylation) of inert C-H bonds. Interestingly, Fe(II)/α-ketoglutarate-dependent oxygenases (KGOs) have been found to perform C-H hydroxylation, as well as other oxyfunctionalization, spontaneously in nature. However, as KGOs are not commercially available, or even extensively studied in this context, their potential is not readily accessible to the chemical industry.
This project aims to demonstrate the potential of KGOs in biocatalysis. In order to achieve this, the following challenges will be addressed: i) establishing an enzymatic screening methodology to study the activity and selectivity of recombinant KGOs towards industrially relevant substrates, ii) establishing analytical methods to characterize KGO-catalyzed substrate conversion and product formation. Eventually, the proof-of-principle demonstrated during this project will allow Aminoverse B.V. to develop a commercial biocatalysis kit comprised of KGO enzymes with a diverse activity profile, allowing their application in the sustainable production of either commodity, fine or speciality chemicals.
The project consortium is composed of: i) Aminoverse B.V, a start-up company dedicated to facilitate chemical partners towards implementing biocatalysis in their chemical processes, and ii) Zuyd University, which will link Aminoverse B.V. with students and (bio)chemical professionals in creating a novel collaboration which will not only stimulate the development of (bio)chemical students, but also the translation of academic knowledge on KGOs towards a feasible biocatalytic application.


Zuyd Hogeschool

O. Segers, contactpersoon


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