Light-Up: development of advanced reaction set-ups for light-fueled multiphase chemistry

Startdatum1 september 2022
Einddatum31 augustus 2026
  • Bètatechniek
  • Energie en Klimaat - In 2050 zijn grondstoffen, producten en processen in de industrie netto klimaatneutraal en voor tenminste 80% circulair
  • Sleuteltechnologieën en duurzame materialen

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (ZUYD) and partners will develop photoflow chemistry reaction set-ups that will be powered with light as sustainable energy source, and as such contribute to the transition of the current chemical industry to a climate neutral one.
To develop these reaction set-ups, a consortium of partners from the Dutch, Belgian and German chemical and high-tech ecosystems will cover all aspects related to required hardware, e.g. transparent reactors and energy-efficient light sources, automation and multiphase reactions. The mix of partners from academia (University of Amsterdam: the Noël group), an applied research organization (TNO), Center of Expertise CHILL, ZUYD, the Brightlands Chemelot Campus and multiple companies (Beartree Automation, Chemtrix, Creaflow, Ecosynth, De Heer, Innosyn, Mettler-Toledo, Peschl Ultraviolet and Swagelok Nederland) ensures an efficient and integrated development along technology readiness levels (TRL) ranging from two/three to five/six.
Together we will answer the overarching question: With which advanced reaction set-up(s) can we efficiently perform and further optimize multiphase solution-based photochemical reactions that require gas and/or solid reagents, and efficiently showcase our capabilities? The development of the advanced reaction set-ups will allow us to answer our research question: How far can we extend the applicability of photoflow transformations beyond the current commercial state-of-the-art by the use of advanced reaction set-ups?
Dissemination of several demonstrator transformations using our advanced set-ups will showcase capabilities of Light-Up partners and speed up the uptake of photoflow chemistry in industry. We will develop the next generation of advanced reaction set-ups for photoflow chemistry by combining the knowledge of the chemical and high-tech sectors, and facilitating knowledge exchange between sectors, to contribute to a climate neutral industry.


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