MATCH: Matching Art and TeCH for more inclusive cultural policy

Startdatum1 december 2023
Einddatum30 november 2024
RegelingKIEM 2022-2023
  • Kunst
  • Maatschappelijk Verdienvermogen - Valideren, doorontwikkelen en toepassen van strategieën
  • Creatieve industrie
  • Kunst en de creatieve industrie

Crowdfunding campaigns have empowered countless innovative projects and made funding accessible to a large pool of makers and citizens. Recently, traditional funding bodies such as foundations, provinces and municipalities have acknowledged the potential of crowdfunding to approximate institutional decision-making to citizens, by engaging with the “crowd’s” preferences and further stimulating public and private funding through matchfunding. Matchfunding – the financial contribution of traditional funding bodies to crowdfunding campaigns – is an emerging form of co-funding that has the potential to foster a more inclusive and democratic society. Yet, given its novelty, little is known about how matchfunding works, and how it can be transformed into an efficacious tool that supports project creators and policymakers to develop impactful projects.
Looking at the creative industries, one of the most prolific fields in crowdfunding, this project aims to provide this knowledge by: (1) gaining insight into the democratizing potential and best-practices of matchfunding in the creative industries by comparing analysing the extensive databases of crowdfunding and matchfunding pioneer voordekunst and matchfunding partners Kunstloc Brabant and Gemeente Rotterdam, and by conducting interviews with matchfunding parners to gain insight into their challenges and experiences; (2) deepening and sharing findings in Impact-Driven Workshops, which serve to exchange knowledge with and between matchfunding partners, and gain further insights into their motives and best practices. Based on the outcomes of (1) and (2), we develop (3) an online Matchfunding Toolkit, geared towards matchfunding partners, as well as to creators, freelancers and SMEs (potentially) using matchfunding for their projects. Finally, (4) we will disseminate this knowledge to other funding bodies and organisations within and outside of the creative industries by connecting partners and stakeholders in a Dissemination Event. This results in a lasting knowledge hub and network geared to supporting creators, SMEs and freelancers in search of funding.


Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Yosha Wijngaarden, contactpersoon


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