Startdatum1 augustus 2022
Einddatum31 maart 2023
RegelingTake-off hbo
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In the field of product design, a two-sided problem exists. On the one hand, product designers wish to market their products but often face obstacles when attempting to bring these products to the market. On the other hand, for businesses in today’s economic landscape it is crucial to consistently search for new products and opportunities in order to stay innovative. Unfortunately, there is no accessible database where these new products can easily be found.
Our solution is an online platform that allows for design to be easily accessible, through which collaboration between designers and firms will be facilitated. Our online platform will bring designers and design companies from all around the world together, breaking the current local barriers. Megosu provides designers with a platform to upload their design ideas products publicly to be seen by companies all over the globe. Our goal for companies is to help them find designers/products through our platform.
The challenge we are faced with is a validation of our business idea in the eyes of the companies. Do we create enough value for businesses to look for new products/products designers through Megosu compared to deploying time and resources to conduct this search themselves? In order to do this we will meet with 30 companies and present them with various common scenarios involved in the search of products/product designers.
This challenge is aimed at understanding how we should capture the value that we create for businesses and what additional elements we can incorporate in our platform to create additional value. This will be done by building on our current prototype through our development team according to the insights derived from this challenge. These functionalities will be added to our current pilot version with help of our front & back-end software development team.


Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Ingrid Wakkee, contactpersoon