Membrane Technologies for valorisation of waste streams

Startdatum8 juli 2021
Einddatum7 juli 2023

The research group Biobased Resources & Energy (BRE) of Avans focusses on recovery of valuable building blocks from low-value solid and liquid residual streams from agriculture, households and industries. For the valorisation of these residual streams, BRE looks into different biological, chemical and mechanical processes. One of the main issues in the utilisation of residual streams is economic feasibility and the recovery of multiple resources from one residual stream. Using membrane technologies in combination with biological, chemical and/or mechanical processes could offer great opportunities.

Central Research Question
What is the applicability of membrane technologies for valorisation of different residual streams and is it possible to integrate membrane technology in current and new biorefining projects of research group BRE:

In order to reach the goal of this postdoc, 4 research questions will be answered using literature search, experimentation and modelling:
1) What membrane methods are currently (commercially) available to enhance the results of current projects in research group BRE?
2) What are the essential technical parameters for membrane separation and how can these be optimized?
3) What is the economic impact of using membrane technology in recovery of valuable building blocks from residual streams?
4) What are the effects of using membranes instead of or complementary to currently used methods on the sustainability of valorisation of residual streams?

The postdoc and the research group BRE want to extend the contact and research cooperation with (regional) businesses and (applied) universities and support and facilitate the introduction and further development of membrane technologies in the curriculum of different Avans study programmes. This will be done via internships, minor projects (together with businesses) and development of study material for courses and trainings.