The Art of Creating New Stories: Working with Art-Based Learning in Palliative Care (Art-PC)

Startdatum1 november 2022
Einddatum30 juni 2027
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Being diagnosed with incurable cancer often leads to experiences of contingency and to existential concerns when patients struggle to search for meaning. The aims of this project are to (1) investigate how Art-Based Learning(ABL) – an art education method for experiencing art – has the potential to affect meaning-making processes of cancer patients in palliative care; (2) to investigate how to integrate this in (patient) education programs; (3) to enable health and art professionals to extent their capabilities to care for PC patients. This project builds on previous research on contingent experiences and narrative meaning-making, and on a pilot-study regarding the feasibility of carrying out ABL in PC. Aims and questions have been developed in a long-lasting process of problem analysis with PC and art education professionals, patients, and researchers. We will a) conduct participatory research to make an inventory of considerations that play a role in designing an art exhibition for the purpose of ABL among patients with advanced cancer, resulting in a manual to be used in future practice and research; b) conduct an explorative study and evaluate which factors hinder and promote patients’ meaning- making processes in online/on-site interventions; c) conduct a formal analysis of patients’ experiences with regards to meaning-making; d) formally compile a full list of conclusion and advices and embed the result in a new educational program for PC and art education professionals. This project is led by the professorship Art education as Critical Tactics(ArtEZ University of the Arts) and is carried out by a consortium of experts and complementary partners: University of Amsterdam and University of Twente (research partners); Amsterdam University Medical Centers, Amsterdam Museum, Museum Arnhem, Museum Jan Cunen, Leren van Kunst (public institutional partners); Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Radboud University, Story Lab-University Twente (knowledge experts); Living with Hope, SPKS, NFK(experience experts/patients advocacy).


ArtEZ University of the Arts

Jeroen Lutters, contactpersoon
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  • Nederlandse Federatie van Kankerpatiëntenorganisaties
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