Top Up SafeGo

Startdatum1 juli 2021
Einddatum15 september 2022
RegelingTop-up 2020

This top-up project is related to the on-going RAAK MKB-project SafeGo (Seismic Monitoring, Design And Strengthening For thE GrOningen Region) . SafeGo combines knowledge of SMEs in the earthquake region of Groningen with innovative solutions and demonstration of technologies, to improve the process of seismic strengthening of houses. Innovative methods and approaches for monitoring and strengthening of structures are tested and further developed in SafeGo
In the monitoring part of the project, SafeGo combines soil data, structural data and the sensor data to reach conclusions for the reasons behind observed damages in buildings. Fraeylemaborg, a castle-museum in Slochteren dating back to the 14th century, is used as a testbed. Various sensors are used for monitoring accelerations, tilt and water pressure. In the strengthening part of the project, masonry walls were built and strengthened by the participating SMEs. These walls are placed on the shake table and tested with real earthquake vibrations. A shake table is an accurate laboratory equipment which simulates earthquakes.
Majority of the tasks in SafeGo are related either to the site or to the laboratory, which are environments outside of the school. Although an intensive student participation was initially planned, this was not achieved due to COVID19 crisis and the series of mobility restrictions, neither in the monitoring nor in the shake table testing parts of the project. This top-up project aims to transfer the knowledge and create interaction with the students for the SafeGo project. Visitation to the monitored building and presentations to the students on the monitoring system, visitations to the shake table laboratory and interactive events are planned within this project.



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