Wood without Trees

Startdatum7 maart 2022
Einddatum31 oktober 2022
RegelingKIEM GoCI 2020-2023
  • KIA 1 - Energietransitie en Duurzaamheid
  • KIA 5 - Sleuteltechnologieën
  • Bètatechniek
  • Circulaire economie en grondstoffenefficiëntie: Duurzame circulaire impact
  • Materialen - Made in Holland
  • Creatieve industrie
  • Sleuteltechnologieën en duurzame materialen

The building industry is a major target for resource-efficiency developments, which are crucial in European Union’s roadmaps. Using renewable materials impacts the sustainability of buildings and is set as urgent target in current architectural practice. The building industry needs renewable materials positively impacting the CO2 footprint without drawbacks. The use of wood and timber as renewable construction materials has potentials, but also drawbacks because trees need long time to grow; producing timber generates considerable waste; and the process from trees to applications in buildings requires transportation and CO2 emission. This research generates new scientific knowledge and a feasibility study for a new wood-like bio-material - made of cellulose and lignin from (local) residual biomass via i.e. 3D printing - suitable for applications in the building industry. It contributes to a sustainable built environment as it transforms waste from different sectors into a local resource to produce a low carbon-footprint bio-material for the construction sector. Through testing, the project will study the material properties of samples of raw and 3D printed material, correlating different material recipes that combine lignin and cellulose and different 3D printing production parameters. It will map the material properties with the requirements of the construction industry for different building products, indicating potentials and limits of the proposed bio-material. The project will produce new knowledge on the material properties, a preliminary production concept and an overview of potentials and limits for application in the built environment. The outcome will be used by industry to achieve a marketable new bio-material; as well as in further scientific academic research.


TU Delft

Michela Turrin, contactpersoon
Telefoon: 015-278 40 94


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